India cow report
by Balabhadra das
Posted April 2, 2003

Editors Note:

The following is an article from the upcoming ISCOWP newsletter. It is one
of a series of reports made by Balabhadra das, the ISKCON Minister of
Agriculture, about his early 2003 trip to India. You can learn more at, their updated website address. ISCOWP is an independent,
ISKCON friendly organization.

Kurma Rupa prabhu started a few years ago protecting a few cows who were
roaming the street outside the ISKCON Vrndavana temple. He is now using land
that is owned by the Vrndavana Food for Life and has under his care 56 animals.
All of these animals have been hurt or abandoned. (Photo 2) His program has an
excellent reputation and support in the local area. His sincere and attentive
concern for the animals under his care was evident upon our first visit to his

Taking seriously the concept that cow protection is not only about milk
production, Kurma Rupa prabhu gave Balabhadra a bottle of cow urine shampoo
that he made from the urine of one of his cows. You can view some of his cows
and more about this project at

A few lines from their recent pamphlet: "We provide stray cows hay, flour,
fresh grass, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from
injuries. Since our activities are not centered around milk production, we are
not considered a dairy or goshalla. Unfortunately, such abandoned cows are
easily abducted and transported in very inhumane ways to the growing number of
slaughterhouses in India. There is an urgent need to provide shelter, food, and
care for the innocent cows wandering Krishna's holy land. "

Kurma Rupa's cow care facility is ever expanding due to the number of injured
cows and cows turned out by their owners. This facility is worthy of any
assistance anybody would like to offer. You can be rest assured that whatever
you give will be used for the cows.