Chakra Living

Miso Without a Blender

by Vrindavan dasa

Posted January 23, 2009

For a year and a half, I made miso broth without a blender, and there was no problem. It was always good. Then I started to use a blender, and the problems began -- although I didn't know that the blender had anything to do with it. My thinking was that the temperature must be the problem.

Now I am discovering that not the temperature, but the blender, is the cause of the problem. A good comparison is "cold pressed apple cider". Why is it "cold pressed"? The reason that apple cider has to be "cold pressed", is that if it were spun through a machine like a juicer or blender, too much oxygen would enter into the juice, and then when it is left for fermentation there would be more vinegar or alcohol being produced. So, a good apple cider has to be made "cold pressed", without a blender.

Similarly, with miso, I am finding that it is better to make without a blender. Simply stir lightly by hand, and the miso dissolves very easily. There is no need for a blender, and if you did use one it could ruin the miso broth because of oxygen saturation.