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Looking for Temple Recipes

by Karunamayi dasi

Posted January 18, 2009

In my quest to further nourish my family and guests on Krishna Prasad, I would like to know if *your* temple or preaching center has a cookbook compiled by local devotees of tried and true recipes.

Even if it's totally informal and *gasp* unprofessional, it's the nectar between the pages that is the gold.

I interested in bying a copy of it and I'm sure there are many other devotees who would, too. We are all looking for that amazing recipe which will forever change the way we view ekadasi.

Our farm community, Saranagati Village, in BC Canada has a wonderful little book that was just printed at the end of last year by the ardent enthusiasm and determination of the community teacher and devotee, Bhaktin Luiza. This book is cherished by many and it got me thinking... I am sure other temples have something precious like this. So, here I am with my request...

Feel free to email me: if you have any to sell.