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Request for Health-Conscious Recipes

by Bhaktin Alison

Posted January 13, 2007

Hare Krishna everyone! I am a disciple of Rtadhvaja Swami Maharaja and aspiring for initiation. I also recently re-joined Weight Watchers to help me manage my health, nutrition and portion sizes, since I want to maintain the health of my body so I can continue serving my spiritual master and the devotees as long as possible. I recently finished my Ph.D. in counseling psychology and the stress and hectic schedule have taken a toll on my weight and sense of well-being, so I am trying to make some positive changes.

As some of you may know, Weight Watchers recipes, even the vegetarian ones, are not always devotee-friendly. The vegan ones often have lots of garlic, onions and/or mushrooms in them. As a devotee, my priority remains on pleasing Krishna first. I am requesting that any relatively lower-fat, lower-calorie, and especially nutritious recipes be posted either here on Chakra and/or sent to me directly at I have the new Higher Taste and several of Kurma Dasa's books, which are wonderful, but I greatly welcome any additional ideas or devotee favorites that any of you have. Nobody knows prasadam like devotees! And maybe with enough recipes, we can all start a cookbook for health-conscious devotees, who knows?

Thank you so much!

Your grateful servant,
Bhaktin Alison