Chakra Living

I'm Not Here

by Shehas Gonn

Posted September 27, 2007

To all who bring a floral wreath,
To me who lies six feet beneath,
A little secret for your ear-
Save your trouble, I'M NOT HERE!

If I'm a soul and live forever
Do you think I'd hang around here- never!
This boring place I won't be near,
So save your flowers, I'M NOT HERE!

Place them in a pretty pot
Where passersby can peer a lot,
And 'ppreciate their colors clear
'Cos I can't smell 'em-- I'M NOT HERE!

A friend may need them more than me
Whose day is marked by tragedy,
Their friendly smell may dry a tear,
Flowers for friends-- I'M NOT HERE!

One thing you have to do today
Is listen what I have to say,
A little secret for your ear-