Chakra Living


by Mrgaksi dasi

Posted September 24, 2008

Am I eternally fallen,
or eternally liberated?
Am I this flesh and blood and senses?
Or am I spirit instead?

Do I have voice in my existence,
or is life determined by fate?
Can I do anything to change this
roller coaster ride of love and hate?

Each day I awake to a new world.
But my neighbor knows nothing of mine.
Our perceptions to us are the true world.
We'll be friends or enemies in time.

Must I act according to this body,
or choose to completely rise above.?
Is survival only for the fittest?
Or can I lift my sister with love?

This bottle of mine can fill with poison,
or with nectar easily over flow.
I use logic and I use compassion.
It's choice that takes me where I go.

When less logical and less compassionate come together,
there tends to be argument and strife.
Protection means to love and care and nurture.
Equal shares come from husband and from wife.

I've no need to understand, all my Guru says to me,
to love and serve him eternally.
Srila Prabhupada declared I'm not this body.
Nothing you can say or do can make me be.

There are 26 qualities of a devotee.
to acquire them is energy well spent.
Until I've perfected the first 25,
I think it's best to remain silent.....