Chakra Living


by Ashokamrita Das

Posted September 4, 2006

Anantacarya in his early offering for Radhastami has indeed captured Srimati Radharani's beautiful mood. Any addition or alteration may distort or dilute the content, so I will attempt none but simply add that the PREMA BHAKTA should not miss the transcendental appearance of Lalita.

Lalita appears two days before Radha and perhaps is the single most important medium through which to relish the ever expanding nectar of Radha-Krsna prema. When Radha enters her world of Krsna ecstasy it is Lalita who takes charge. It is through Lalita's grace and schooling that a jiva becomes a confidential servitor of the divine couple.

The above facts are confidential but known in Vaisnava spiritual circles. All glories to Srila Patita Pavana Prabhupada without whose causeless mercy we would not be privy to most sublime absolute truth.