Chakra Living

Is the Sky Really Falling?

by Nrsimhananda das

Posted October 15, 2008

Financial markets in a free-fall. Chaos on Wall St. International markets in a tailspin. European bailout. More banks to fail. Sound alarming? (News flash: it's suppose to; that's how the media sells information better.) Sorry you didn't send donations to Gita Nagari, get your own cow, or relocate to Mayapur? The SP varnamasrama quotes are coming fast and furious in various discussion forums; the imperative for life based on agriculture is palpable in the Vaisnava chat rooms. Meanwhile, do you see anything has changed? Trains are still rolling, and the laptop still charges up from a wire to the wall. Am I missing something here? I am not the only one unconcerned about the up and down's of business cycles. Life as usual as far as I, and most of the detached pundits see; nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, there will be an adjustment in the level of sense gratification of the less fortunate; there has always been societies of have and have-not's. Kali yuga continues to slide toward increased exploitation over the next 400,000 + years. Can't even imagine. But as far as the recent bump in the road, it doesn't even rate a blip on the radar screen. Regarding the end of civilization as we know it, not so fast. The descent is subtle. The population may have to give up some of their latte's, but let us look forward to the temporary bread lines. It's an opportunity for Food for Life, distribution of books, and some serious introspection. Prabhupada's movement expanded the fastest during the decade of economic sluggishness and a repressive world environment (Vietnam, Cold War, apartheid, etc.). SEEKERS! We'll keep the lights on for you. Bring on the credit crunch!