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Freeway Logo Signs

by Caru Das

Posted May 17, 2006

Everywhere on the American Interstate Highways travelers pass Freeway Logo Signs for motels, restaurants, and gas stations. Some states have approved another category of Logo Signs, called "Attractions."

Now north and south bound motorists on Interstate 15 near Spanish Fork Utah will see these Logo Signs for "Krishna's Lotus Temple."

Initially, a couple of miles before the Exit, one sees a large board mounted with the Logo Sign, which is 4 feet X 4 feet, white block lettering on a red background. While descending the exit ramp, another smaller sign points the way, and gives distance, which in this case is 3 miles.

The Krishna Lotus Temple of Utah is first dramatically viewed when one's vehicle tops a rise about 1/2 mile from the building. The stunning architecture "jumps" out at one and can have a breathtaking effect, especially for those who expected no such apparition in rural, Mormon dominated Utah.

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