Chakra Living

Sri Caitanya Avatar

by Samapriya dd (ACBSP)

Posted March 3, 2007

There was dance and song in Navadvipa

The jewel of the Brahmins Nimai Pandit.

Brought the Lord's name to all who could hear

Renewing their faith abandoning fear.

Like fire devouring the wood of a tree

The holy name rose giving Vaishnavas ecstacy.

As astute scholars with dust in the hearts

Saw their dry tree of knowledge break into parts.

You came to deliver the most fallen souls

Giving Your mercy for free.

All are entitled to pure KrsnaPrema

With only desire the fee.

The method was simple, as still it is

Just chant the Lord's name and he who gives,

This treasure to others transcends all time,

For he has thus rendered a service sublime.

Advaita Acharya prayed for You to descend,

Because His heart was full of grief.

The ways of the world for You to amend.

The people had given up their belief.

The time had arrived, when You heard His call

But as You were ready to go,

The love You saw glowing in someone else

That's what You wanted to know.

You were enchanted by a goddess supreme

A love like Her's You'd never seen

And when its sweetness entered Your heart

Was the secret reason You had to depart.

Wishing to know the glory of Her love

The qualities in You She savors

The happiness She feels from Your love

You desired these intimate flavors.

You shared this sweet rasa with only a few

Though it couldn't stay tightly covered

But just as the thorns a camel does chew

Tasting his blood and relishing too

With no adikar the fools never knew

How this most precious love is discovered

I am standing in back of a line of great saints

Called the disciplic succession

This has all been passed down and handed to me

And that's how I've taken possession.

My guru bestowed his mercy upon me

To hear this most confidential truth

And Lord Sri Caitanya delivers the fallen

Of this I am living proof.