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For Protection, You Also Need Weapons

by Vrindavan dasa (Victor Epand)

Posted June 8, 2006

For suicide, you need a gun. To fight in Iraq, you need a gun. But conversely, for protection, you also need weapons. For protection, you need the conch, club, disk, lotus, sword, and bow of Sri Vishnu. What use is a gun without the fire branded weapon marks of Lord Vishnu? "Whose bodies are devoid of the mark of Sri Krsna's disk - like crematoriums are those men or women."

Here are some quotes from Hari Bhakti Vilasa in reference to the fire branded weapon marks:

"Who carries the branded disk on his body gets the strength of the gods, of immortal Visnu. Shaking off sin, he proceeds to heaven, where the ascetics with subdued passions enter."

"Whose bodies are devoid of the mark of Sri Krsna's disk - like crematoriums are those men or women. O king, seeing such a person one should bathe fully dressed and quickly worship Hari!"

"Even if someone is impure, badly behaved and has given up all religious duties, if he is marked by the branded conch and disk he purifies an assembly."

"Whether someone decorated with the disk resides in a pure land or one of barbarians, three yojanas in all directions from him is My field on earth."

"A brahmana who is marked with the disk of Visnu should be worshipped with all rites, but one without the disk of Visnu should be zealously avoided."

"If a Vaisnava brands his body with all the weapons of Visnu, he will go to the highest abode."

Pertaining to scriptures that prohibit wearing these marks: "Now, the statements prohibiting this observance are baseless and rejected by the wise, and those statements that are based on scripture pertain to abandoning the rules, etc."

The fire branding lasts for 1 year, and should be renewed on the Dvadasi of Sayana Ekadasi.