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Tulasi Prayer

by Drupati Singh

Posted July 6, 2008

Here is a prayer I found in Padma Purana. It destroys sins and attracts merits for those who recite it:

"Oh supreme Tulsi, the best gods sing your glory. Even sages, siddhas and the lord of the snakes do not understand your glories and the measures of your qualities after hundreds of crores of kalpas. You came form the joy of Vishnu at the time of the churning of the milk ocean.

Since Vishnu held you on his head, you became pure, having fully touched the limbs of Vishnu.

I salute you Tulsi. Since I worship with the lord with your offshoots, remove my difficulties so I could reach the highest position.

You were planted on the bank of Gomati and tended by Krishna himself. Krishna in Vrindavan served Tulsi for the good of the world and the gopis, for the progress of Gokula, and for Kamsa's death.

You who are dear to the world was planted on the order of Vashistha by Rama. He planted you on the bank of the Sarayu for killing the demons. You are planted for progress in penance. I bow to you Tulsi.

Sita when she was separated from Rama meditated on you in Lanka and was united with her dear one..

Formerly Parvati planted you in the Himalaya to increase her penance and to gain Shankar as her lord. You who delight others are served by the wives of the gods for the destruction of evil dreams. The manes serve Tulsi in Dharamayana and Gaya. Rama planted Tulsi in the Dandaka forest. Lakshman looked after her. Sita protected her.

As Ganga is glorified in the sacred texts. So also is Tulsi in the world of the mobile and immobile.

Sugriva while living in Rshyamuka served Tulsi for destroying Vali. Having saluted Tulsi, Hanuman crossed the sea and came back after carrying out his mission.

Putting on one leaf of Tulsi, a man goes to Vishnu's heaven, being free from sins. He is freed from the murder of a brahmana. He who bears on his head the water trickling down your lotus like leaf obtains a bath in the Ganges by so doing. Oh goddess, you who have sprung from the churning of the ocean of milk, be pleased with me. I salute you."

I'm still disposed to send Tulsi and her offshoots to anyone. I am not promising that the seeds will spring up like giants as soon as you drop them in a pot of Home Depot earth. That part depends on where you live and your stage of devotion. Tulsi is not a winter bird, she's a tropical plant. But the leaves and manjaris can be offered in any condition, and you could get the full benefit of using the remnant prasadam.

The sight, the touch, the prayers, and the offering of Tulsi to Krishna is equally meritorious. All the great devotees and gods have sought the blessings of Tulsi.

'The magic is in the chanting' yes. But we still must follow the example of the sadhus who have perfected the path of bhakti. Those who 'chant Hare Krishna' must also evolve...etiquette and mentality must evolve from barbaric to refined so that the heart would be prepared bit by bit for Krishna's association. I'm saying this to myself most of all. Its not so easy to knock on Krishna's door. It requires a lot of preparation.

I'll send Tulsi to you all at a cheap rate, you can reimburse the postage afterwards. I have sent to all those who asked. I think some addresses got lost in my spam. Sorry for that. Please send them again, and let me know in what condition Tulsi reaches, if and when it does.

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