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Hare Krishna Philosophy

by Richard Wyndham

Posted December 28, 2005

I met a Hare Krishna monk today. Just by saying that out loud most people of our culture starts off with a game of association, pairing up not only terms like "sect" and "cult", by this judging not only by looks but also by beliefs. I'm finding it odd, and in a way sad as I was just that critical myself coming to hear him for I must say he had some quite interesting things to say.

Amongst other things we were told about his religious stand by the belief that all of god, may it be Allah, Vishnu and what not name he goes under, are nothing but various shapes and expressions of the very same being. Why it is arranged like this would be because we wouldn't be able to comprehend god in his/hers or its higher forms. Instead god chooses to manifest on different levels easier for us to grasp and comprehend.

I'm finding quite intriguing this particular analogy he used:

We are like an ant entering a room, fully occupied by it's own doings it can not grasp what's going on around it, nor will it know it's a room it has entered. Neither will it understand nor pay attention to any of what is being said and does not comprehend the world outside its small realm. In the same way are we having difficulties understanding god.

Then there's of course the famous mantra most of us are having associated with this religion and chances are you have heard it before:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

This is a very common mantra indeed and each and every word used in it is a term meaning "god". The follower believes that the word god (in its different forms) are not separated from the being as the word bread and the actual eating would be, but instead shares a connection. Thus, when repeating the phase the person in question is meditating in an attempt to get closer to god.

An interesting religious belief all together, especially their view of the human soul and the reincarnation, that the human body is nothing more than a set of clothing for the soul who will later travel on to occupy another set of clothes. The souls previous life would be forgotten just like a dream whilst dreaming can be as real as anything, but the minute you wake up fades away in an instant.

Hare Krishna Philosophy