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Comment On "ISKCON's Lost Generation"

by Mary Novak

Posted December 27, 2011

Thank you for your honesty Nandini Click Here. I have been involved with ISKCON for many years and agree with your perception that many of the most prominent people in ISKCON except for Prabhupada, people who regard themselves as alleged leaders of the movement, have been corrupt and because of this corruption it is still rampant. Compassion, true compassion, the ability to be empathetic and sympathetic towards others is almost non-existent. The treatment of women and children in the movement has been abhorrent. Prabhupada was very egalitarian. What is the purpose of calling all souls equal and part and parcel of the Lord if we cannot show all souls respect and compassion? I have heard many people try to make excuses over the years, such as "well I was abused" or worse, “not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Supreme” as if God is responsible for your personal behavior. When I have confronted individuals about bad behavior in the past I have met with responses like these. No excuses. Adults should be able to have some perspective on what is right or wrong, and be able to take personal responsibility for their behavior. ISKCON has lost it moral compass. There have many cover-ups over the years, impossible for me to go into all of it here and mind you, I have lived through all of it, so I know what has gone on. As long as no one takes responsibility and expresses true contrition for bad behavior, the problems will continue. Abuse, neglect, hatred, greed, jealousy, lasciviousness, anger, bitterness; I have seen all of these behaviors exhibited by alleged devotees at some time or another. All of these behaviors, when perceived by others appear in the mode of passion or ignorance. All of these bad behaviors can be kept in check, and should be, not by others but by the individuals themselves. Devotees are supposed to make an effort to behave in the mode of goodness. Educating them in a correct way can help to bring about change in behavior. I have worked with many people who were not Krishna conscious, but have had high ethical and moral standards. All of society’s social mores should not be abandoned. Prabhupada himself said that by becoming Krishna conscious we could improve our lives and become better. Even in the jobs that I have had I have literally been taught to respect people of other walks of life and to show age appropriate behavior when dealing with the young, adults, and the elderly. Prabhupada said that he left the movement in its infancy. Don’t you think it is about time we grew up?

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