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Is Divorce Anti-ISKCON?

by Author's name withheld

Posted December 7, 2009

Re: "Proposed ISKCON Membership Criteria Too Narrow", Chakra, Nov. 25.

Perhaps this is a little candid of me for saying so, but is it that divorce goes against ISKCON's bylaws? Does this mean, coming out of a rather manipulative marriage myself, that I am to remain serving a husband who has affairs, simply because it's an ISKCON standard?

This seems highly inappropriate, and it makes no sense to me on any level. How, on Earth and all the planets in the Universe and above, is someone expected to make spiritual progress by living in constant suffering and misery?

Surely karma has effect in all relationship dynamics, but what is the benefit? Does this not logically just produce a continuing cycle of abusive relationships, and how would the children born into such marriages benefit other than to see that abuse is natural, and that you must remain faithful to demons?

I am confused. Someone please clarify this for me.