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Remembering Amekhala Devi Dasi

by Archananda das

Posted May 5, 2010

Hare Krishna, It came as a shock here in the foothills of Badger and Three Rivers, California to hear of our dear sisters departure from this world, I have known Amekhala from back in our home town of Manchester UK before we were devotees, when she was known as Anne. We would visit Bury Place and Bhaktivedanta Manor, where we lived for many years. She was a instant devotee, she always had a sunny disposition and was one of the kindest and most honest persons I have ever known. She was a wonderful mother, devotee and friend,always serving the Lord and his servants, a ready smile and a open equal kindness to all. It is hard to really describe her deep qualities except to say,...what you saw is what you got. She was a devotee from the very beginning and a true mentor to all young aspiring bhaktas. She will be missed but will always live in our hearts. Thank you for this chance to say something here.