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Remembering Harisih

by Dvijapriya dasi

Posted March 29, 2009

My sons, Drdhavrata, Raktak and Devala, had the fortune to attend Mayapur Gurukula at the same time Harish was there. My husband and I met him on a few occasions and were impressed with his gentleness and sweetness. Harish was especially kind to Devala, sensing that it was difficult for him to adjust to ashram life in India.

Harish was physically strong and had the body of a Mister Universe. He could whip anyone's butt in Akshaya's jujitsu classes but never bullied any of the boys. He was quite meek, sober and humble and always had a smile for everyone.

It's sad to lose such a wonderful devotee. Attached are a few photos of Harish at Mayapur Gurukula.