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A Glorious Life: a Tribute to Aindra Prabhuji

by Shambhu das (ACBSP)

Posted July 31, 2010

When I heard the news of Aindra prabhuji passing after reflecting and contemplating of this serious yet grave event. I started “Oh!!WOW!! I will no longer be able to visit my great friend in his unique room, no longer be able to speak “Hari-Katha” all the different transcendental subjects that he eagerly loved to speak of like the good old days in Q street Washington D.C.

It seems like the great ones never stay long they come fulfill their mission and go but always un-expectantly. I remember one day while coming back from sankirtan (parking-lots-suburban-Washington DC 1973) there was this nice soft spoken brahmacari devotee I met previously before moving in the temple.

He was in the brahmachari ashram playing the electric-guitar with such master like precision and confidence knowing this instrument. I was impressed and because of our mutual interest (music) instantly started a loving relationship that lasted throughout our journey endeavoring to understand and implement the message and instructions of our beloved spiritual master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Aindra prabhuji knew that Kirtan rasa is the safest and most powerful rasa for this age and that during this rasa there is no chance for “maya” to enter. So he fully surrendered to this “Rasa”

Once while visiting (1997) the holy-dham of Vrndaban there was many friends and placing with little time to visit I met Aindra prabhuji in his room I was amazed of the condition and set-up of his room cow-dung on all the walls etc. you would never know that such a place is in this building. We spoke of various subjects Hari-Katha,the state of Srila Prabhupada’s house etc. and of course our musical lives. I was reluctant to speak about a commercial project I did on cassette because there was nothing transcendental about this project except for one song I wrote for Srila Prabhupada .He was so adamant about getting a copy I think he just wanted to encourage me and being his friend asked “please” let me have one” so I said if “only” you would do the same because he had started his bhajan-kirtan tape ministry and gave me a copy which I still have to this day and my all time favorite.

He asked would I sing and play mrdanga on his next recording of course I would but somehow it never happed most likely I had to leave but I always relished accompanying him and the assembled devotee’s he inspired singing the Glories of the Lord and the vaishnava’s Acharya’s.

I asked Aindra prabhuji how did you arrive to the mind set of accepting this service of dedication to Kirtan?

He said “Once a devotee friend of ours whom at the time on Q Street was the Temple commander told me that the perfection of your music playing would only be successful on the transcendental platform” So he never played guitar again as far as I know for that matter any western style instruments.

Fortunately for himself the world and the whole vaishnava community who has had the opportunity to hear him this advise was taken to heart and like a match a huge “Blazing Fire” of a eternal life of Glorifying the Lord and His great devotee’s.

Srila Prabhupada is so kind because of His potency and blessings allowed me the fortune of knowing, associating and serving with you Aindra prabhuji.

You lived a glorious life an example for many to follow. You will always have a place in my heart eternally your friend and low godbrother