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Aindra Departed

by Nirguna dasi

Posted July 29, 2010

“Constancy yields the gift of rapture”, it is said. Aindra Prabhu was evidence of this.

His kirtans were the stuff of rapture.

There was a singular quality about Aindra Prabhus kirtans.

Of course he had created a style and a sound that was original. He had selected very precise rhythms and melodies; he had a well thought out way of coordinating his group of accompanying singers.

And he egged his accompanying percussionists and kartal players to more perfect standards of playing; he even demanded it of them right there and then in the middle of the kirtan.

But, the underlying or overlaying quality of his kirtan was its earnest, selfless and completely motiveless quality.

He was the centre of the kirtan no doubt, but his lack of self centeredness was always palpable—he was thoroughly absorbed in the singing and only for the love of Naam itself.

He also wanted everyone else to get it – exactly like he had and get it exactly right.-he had much courage, vigor, fire, for that. That I think was the reason for his intense and even impatient quality which was also so visible.

He has inspired such a legacy already—there are so many young boys who have developed this art by engaging in it with Aindra Prabhu. May his dedication and purity always be their guide.

I pray that we will continue to remember his spirit of akinchina and ahituki bhakti which was by far the most inspiring aspect of his offering of kirtan.

I did not know him at all but I think I saw the strength of his soul in kirtan – it was so strong it could drown out everything else, figuratively and literally too.

I thank him for letting me glimpse this.

When my mother was ill in February this year, Aindra Prabhu came three times to sing for her. And he was by her side minutes after she had left, an angel come to send her on her way.

That was the first time I had some personal contact with him and saw his very kind and sweet side.

I took it so much for granted that he would be there each evening to sing that I missed so many kirtans not realizing this would be over so soon.

Braj bhaktis concept of fulfillment is an unmotivated and selfless offering of all of oneself.

Aindra Prabhu’s life here was evidence of this. And this is how he will always be remembered and treasured by all of us who were fortunate to have been in his midst for this all too brief time.