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In Memoriam: Gobiratha Dasi

by Jivanmukta dasi

Posted July 14, 2011

Her Grace Gobiratha devi dasi, a disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami, passed away from a head tumour in Pompano Beach a year ago (July 14, 2010). She will always be remembered as a very special devotee, multifaceted, humble, uncomplicated and, above all, very Krsna-conscious, in a very matter-of-fact way.

The last days of her illness were very chaotic, as she had to be moved from the hospital in Miami to the hospice, where she finally passed away, all in a matter of six weeks from her terminal diagnosis.

Her family was in Peru, and as we all well know, Krsna never abandons His devotees. She was assisted by a few devotees from Miami, Krsna Bhajan prabhu and his wife Daiva Lila prabhu, who never left her side, despite living two hours away from the hospice.

We all kept in touch to the last day, and for that I am very grateful, as I was allowed to participate in her passing. It made me realize what a great soul Gobiratha prabhu was, how accepting of her condition and yet enthusiastic to her last days about how to form some sort of help for devotees who lack material aid for terminal conditions.

I hope to meet her some day again, somewhere in Sri Gauranga's service.

Other devotees have their own memories of Srimati Gobiratha dasi as well. Here are a few of them:

By Kaveri dasi

My godsister Gobiratha devi dasi was a very dedicated devotee to her service. She was always trying to please her Guru Maharaja Jaya Pataka Swami; she knew that the way to please him was by performing Sankirtan.

She tirelessly preached while in Peru, in the early days, to everyone who would come in contact with her, always very enthusiastic. Her approach was that somehow or other, no matter in what capacity, anyone could render some service.

We would reveal our minds to each other through our daily lives and then we would laugh at how Krsna always controlled everything. As her senior devotee, she always regarded me in a very high esteem (I had joined earlier), but it was I who always admired her greatly and who would relish her association immensely, as her spiritual realizations were my inspiration. She had many Sankirtan realizations of how the Lord would always protect her and would guide her in how to love people; so much that she changed many people's lives for the better.

She was very focused, auste. She would insist especially on the fact that people should take advantage and change their lifestyles. I'll always remember her by her insistence to take a book with her; when she would stop the cars in traffic between lights, there was no escaping her from any car. She'd make sure that her body was halfway into their cars until they'd take a book, and then they couldn't contain their smiles. She invariably would steal a smile from their dull lives.

By Avadhuta Nitai das

With Gobiratha prabhu there was no time barrier, no mental obstacles. All is for Krsna because all belongs to Krsna — she had no mental blocks, no prejudices, and everyone admired that in her.

She would always refer to her devotee family. Despite the fact that she lived far from devotees, she always felt their association, and she was very grateful for all their lessons to become Krsna conscious, rather than finding fault with them.

Gobiratha devi dasi is exemplary for her love to her service. We all remember her with love and affection, and although we are deeply saddened by her passing and by no longer being able to associate with her in this body, we rest assured that she is relishing the association of the dearest devotees of Sri Guru Gauranga. Jai Srimati Gobiratha devi dasi Ki Jai!

By Gopavallabhi dasi

Gobiratha devi dasi was a remarkable devotee. I had the opportunity of having personal association with her while she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment due to earlier breast cancer in Gainesville, Florida, back in 2005. In spite of her personal circumstances, she always had a positive attitude, with a smile in her face and radiating an energy for life.

Even though she was living away from the temple, she was very strict with her sadhana. After she recovered from her illness, she moved to Miami, Florida, and invariably on Ekadasi days she would call me and we would talk about the importance of the day and how auspicious it was. She knew all the details regarding Ekadasi.

I miss her a lot, but I am certain that Gobiratha is now in a better place closer to Krshna under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada.

By Vasudeva das

Srimati Gobiratha dasi was one of those devotees who brings you closer to Krsna. I will always remember her as a super-positive and devotional devotee. I miss her.

She went through a lot in her life. However, she never criticized anyone, and she kept a steady faith. Gobiratha prabhu was an inspiration. I learned a lot from her, seeing how she conducted herself as a real devotee.

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