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Call to Publish Aindra's Book

by Krishna Chandra das

Posted August 9, 2010

Everyone loves Aindra prabhu. He was a sadhu, and sadhus are always unconventional. Having left his body, he is celebrated as a saint, and many GBC members wrote heartbreaking remembrances of him, yet I believe that he was banned from giving classes in ISKCON Vrindavan.

Just one week before Aindra das left his body in Vrindavan his long-awaited book was to have been published. I believe that the GBC had requested him not to release it, warning him that if he did so, he might have to leave ISKCON.

The maturity of a society is measured by how it deals with critics. To rule out criticism is a sign of fear or lack of faith. Truth does not need to be defended. It is sva-pramanya (self-luminous). A sincere searcher on the way home invites other opinions, wants to consider them thoroughly and will then make a decision in his heart. Only children have to be protected from unorthodoxy.

In ISKCON it seems to me that it is only allowed to write books that are exactly in line with the given opinion. As long as there is no culture of free discussion we will not attract thoughtful souls to our Bhakti movement, but only people who are looking for dependence.

I am still hoping that the devotees around Aindra prabhu will have the courage to publish it and that the GBC will not censure it.