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Worship of Perishable Body

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted May 13, 2009

I would be interested in comments from Chakra readers about this philosophical point.

Kaliyuga gurus are into worship. But the true guru never ask us to worship his body. When saint dies, his body has no existence. One becomes saint when one removes his relationship with body. If we worship his body, then we have not understood basic truths.

Our basic teaching is that our self is not body, mind and intellect. True self due to ignorance associates with body, mind and intelligence. Our true self is full of eternity (sat), knowledge or consicousness (cid) and happiness (anand). Inert matter like body are not us. Once our body is destroyed, it goes back to inert matter and it has no existence.

We should have sradha over eternal principle and not on perishable body or name. Sradha on perishable body or name results in illusion. When this illusion takes form of sradha, it creates disaster. Apart from worshipping eternal, divine and spiritual form of Bhagavan and remembrance of His eternal names, giving importance to perishable bodies and names wastes our life and is like cheating our own self.

Our body is made of stool, urine etc. Even if we feed Bhagavan's prasad or ganga water, it is excreted as stood or urine. When conscious entity leaves the body, it becomes source of germs etc and sastra enjoins us to take shower after touching dead body. We cannot take picture of conscious entity within the body. One becomes saint when one removes his relationship with body. Saint people don't give importance to their own body as they realize their self as completely different from body.

One can question that we worship Gods like Ram, Krishna etc. Why we cannot worship perishable bodyā

Ram, Krishna and other avatar's body is not made of inert matter. Their body is sat chid ananda. Their body is not like us. Also, Bhagavan is everywhere and therefore, He is in the picture also. So, picture or diety of Bhagavan can be worshiped. Beauty of Ram defies description. Even countless cupids cannot equal Ram. Whyā Because it is not made of matter. So, anything made of matter cannot equal that which is beyond it.

Bhagvan is omniscient. Omniscience of saints comes under omniscience of Bhagavan. Saints become omniscient when they dissociate their self from body. Worshiping Bhagavan includes worshiping saints.

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