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My Misguidance Under Religious Extremists

by Caitanya dasa

Posted May 6, 2009

Back when I was still a part of ISKCON, I was seriously misguided by a number of ISKCON leaders. They imparted an extremist Taliban-like version of Krishna consciousness to me. Due to their misguidance, I produced a number of extremist writings on my own blog called Hare Krishna Diary.

Many of these writings caused upset to normal, moderate devotees, and so I would like to publicly apologize to them. I am sorry, but I was simply an innocent young devotee who was seriously misguided by a number of religious extremists. Of course I take full responsibility for my own wrong actions and wrong behavior, but at the same time, I cannot deny that I was seriously influenced and misguided by religious extremists in ISKCON.

Should I actually mention their names? For the sake of protecting others, I feel that it is my responsibility to name them publicly:

It is my realization now that Krishna consciousness is not about hurting people, but showing love and affection to all living entities, especially to devotees. I pray for the forgiveness and compassion of the devotees so that I can become a more caring devotee in the future.