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Lyme Disease Awareness

by Sarva Rasa dasa

Posted August 29, 2010

I would like to urge everyone, and especially parents, to take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the particulars concerning Lyme disease. This is caused by the bite of a tick, a very small, spider-like entity. Usually, a characteristic rash forms, which alerts one to seek treatment, but this sign may be missed. Later, a debilitating disease may develop. Sometimes the characteristic combination of arthritis and neurologic disorder points to a diagnosis of Lyme, which can be combatted with antibiotic therapy, but various symptoms may manifest and be misdiagnosed.

Although there are endemic areas where large numbers of infected ticks are known to exist, experts have also treated confirmed cases in most parts of North America. Typically, infected ticks live on deer or small rodents, but some tick varieties have been found on migratory birds in Toronto, Canada; thus it can be known that they travel widely, even on songbird carriers.

I was recently treated for Lyme borreliosis in Toronto, after the bite of an unknown arthropod caused a rash to develop on my forearm. This case was unusual because it happened so early, in April; because the bite and infection were acquired in a downtown setting, in my backyard, in fact, where the singing finches had just returned for the season; and because the tick was presumably not attached for more than a day. Still, the infectious diseases specialist that I was fortunate to see thought it wise to prescribe 200 mg of doxycycline twice a day for eight weeks altogether, to ensure that the bacteria which causes Lyme would be completely eradicated from my body.

I am now very careful to avoid the tall grass or forest settings where ticks may be. This disease is undoubtedly spreading, and is called epidemic in certain locales such as New York state and northern California.

I would like to thank Krishna, the devotees and a devotee doctor for assisting me to obtain treatment for this scary disease. I hope that the readers avoid this and remain healthy.