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Most Sages Had Wives

A response to "Honest Householders, Not Pretend Brahmacaris"
by Gaurav Mittal

Posted August 20, 2010

The article "Honest Householders, Not Pretend Brahmacaris" addresses the problem of pretension in Iskcon. Unfortunately, the author ends the article with following statement - "It is true that scriptures recommend avoiding household life if possible,......."

Surprisingly the above statement is main cause of the problem described in the article. In scriptures written by Veda Vyas, you won't find support of above statement. Bhagavad Gita describes Krishna's teachings. There is no sloka which supports above statement.

If above statement is important, then it would have been emphasized in many places. The speaker of Gita (Krishna) is householder. The receiver of Gita Arjuna is householder. He had multiple wives.

Actually, most sages had wives. Even great sages like Veda Vyas, Vasistha, Atri, Bharadvaj etc were married. Anonymous author understands the problem in Iskcon but still, cannot question the incorrect statement that scriptures recommend avoiding household life if possible.