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Service in Separation - From Blatant Hypocrisy

by Niscala dasi

Posted April 18, 2009

How terrible it is that we shut our doors to anyone, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Lord Chaitanya embraced murderers and rapists, transforming them in the process, and we cannot even embrace innocent and spiritually inclined men-in-women's bodies, and women-in-men's bodies. ISKCON is well and truly in the league of cheating religion, for we preach one thing- that we are not the body, that everyone is nitya-krsna-das, and that therefore, bhakti is for everyone- and act contrary to it. We are definitely not followers of Lord Chaitanya, or how could we even conceive of such petty hatreds?

As far as I am concerned, either I will join an ISKCON society that is not party to such ignorance, or I will not join it, and practise as I am, separately. While I was in the movement, those who practised separately from ISKCON were condemned as "separatists". Actually, I have yet to see this word used in that way, in any part of the sastra. The word "separatist" in sastra, only refers to people who worship in the temple, and yet do not honour the Lord in the heart of every living entity, (SB 3.29.23). So who is the real separatist?

"As the blazing fire of death, I cause great fear to whoever makes the least discrimination between himself and other living entities, because of a differential outlook" (SB 3.29.26)

There you have it, not from my mouth, but from the Lord Himself. In the purport, Srila Prabhupada makes it clear that this differential outlook is in relation to the body. I hope that the GBC will take notice of this chapter and reverse their very ignorant decision, which is only drawing death near, for all who follow them.

With straw between their teeth, they should beg forgiveness from all they have offended due to their inability to perceive spirit- the soul beyond the body, and the Supersoul dwelling in all, as the witness to all acts of cruelty and discrimination.