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Accountability in ISKCON's GBC

by Devaki devi dasi

Posted November 27, 2010

In his recent article published on the rather new website,, His Holiness Tripurari Swami gives the GBC and Iskcon devotees his opinion on where change and improvement needs to happen in Srila Prabhupada's mission. Pointing to a loss of "love and trust" by the leaders of Iskcon he states, "It is no wonder that the society is not bursting with innovative ideas for preaching and independently thoughtful members. Its leaders do not trust its members, at least not with the power to think for themselves, a crime that has become synonymous with "mental speculation". In his article he goes on to say why he is no longer an official member of Iskcon, although still a well-wisher.

In a recent preaching tour of North Carolina, Tripurari Swami's gatherings were well attended by many Iskcon devotees, to whom he offered spiritual advice and encouragement. For years now, some sannyasis and GBC representatives have encouraged a reuniting of Tripurari Swami with Iskcon. He is one of the oldest and senior most members of Lord Caitanya's sankirtan mission, and has maintained his sannyasa ashram very well since Srila Prabhupada offered him the danda in 1976.

The Watchdog website seems to have articles written by a good cross section of senior devotees whose stated aim is to encourage the GBC in its march towards accountability in GBC management, and accountability to the members of the Iskcon society. The fact that some devotees continue to leave Iskcon and look elsewhere for their spiritual involvement is a statistic of concern.

Those wishing to read Tripurari Swami's article can click on:

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