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American Hypocrisy 101: Separation of Church And State

by Prajyumna dasa

Posted May 27, 2009

A lot of countries around the world seem to be have this mistaken belief that in America there is separation of Church and State. Nope, in America, religion is not separate from government.

You see, Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers of America were very much influenced by the belief in absolute equality. Thomas Jefferson's brilliance was in shaping the United States around his religion of equality, and then saying that no other religion could come between his religion and the state. Then, like a prophet, he stated his belief so that it would be everyone else's belief also, "We hold it self-evident [for everyone] that all men are created to be equal....blah blah blah." That is when the state religion of America became Equality.

What he really wanted was that no other religion would come in between his religion of Equality, and the state. Thomas Jefferson should definitely be revered. What he and the founding father's did was pure political genius. I guess that's where the Taliban learned to make their state religion, Islam. Why can't we have more politicians like that these daysā

People think that God has a monopoly on religion. Crack open your Psychology 101 books, folks. The fact is that any unquestioned belief has a monopoly on you and starts to have religious coloring on you, including the notion of equality. Infact, you're not going to believe this, but there are very well funded and active religious movements running amok, proselytizing the world with impunity based on that very belief.

Now I thought that it was obvious to an educated person that any absolute belief, whether that be coming from the Taliban or the equality movement has very negative effects on a nation. I thought that was apparent to everyone with the fall of communism. But apparantly not everyone is convinced because there are international organizations heavily funding the communistic party in Nepal.

So basically, Western Conservatives try to shove their capitalistic fist down everyone's throat in the world. And the Western Liberals have their own agenda of 'social equality.' Well-funded Western Liberal organizations do this many times while completely ignoring what is in the long term best interest of the nation. The United Nations, that great arbiter of international justice, is clearly on the side of the Western Liberal organizations. Infact, many times, it often funds them.

So how did America let herself be fooled like thisā See, what happened with America is that basically, with some poetic language and a flourish of their quill pens, the founding fathers of America, romantically ejaculated the seed of the communistic religion, equality, in the heart of America. Somehow no one else was paying any close attention. I suppose everyone was busy pursuing their life, liberty and happiness while their fates were being written. Who knows, perhaps there were no 24 hour news television stations that needed to fill the airwaves with propoganda to justify their existence, back then.

In the spirit of their fore-fathers, today, many liberated Americans and their Western counterparts have formed International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) all over the world, including my country, Nepal, to arrest our governments in the name of 'social justice.' Of course, unlike young America, who willingly took the seed of the communistic religion within her womb, at her inception, older countries like Iraq, with deeper cultural roots and history, don't have all the suppleness that may be considered desirable to Westerners. Yes, unfortunately, being older does have its disadvantages. And no, lubricating us with your false smiles and Western educated tongues doesn't make it any less painful.

Communism's fault was apparant to most when it sped up faster and faster and became more and more and more equal, untill it, well, crashed. Many lessons were learned. And in the same way that the Protestant movement emerged enlightented from Catholocism, Western Liberal thought seems to have emerged enlightened and reincarnated from the communists. It seems the Western Liberal idea of 'equality' is the educated and polished "protestant" version of communistic equality. That means that basically in classic American style, communistic philosophy got a butt lift, a botox job, a bikini wax and now is being sold as 'social justice' around the world as an unquestionable global trend setter.

Oh wise men from the west, we know you have been seeing all those who don't follow your beliefs as your burden, that you alone need to liberate. Yes, yes, we know that you have been seeing us as the "white man's burden" for quite a while now. But dear sirs, we humbly ask you to spare us your love and please refrain from ejaculating your communistic seed into our mother country. We have long loved our mother as she is, with her faults.

You see, oh wise men from the west, unlike you, who feel that they have to criticise and change everything in the external world untill it is to everyone's satisfaction, we have long since seen the futility in that belief. That is why, we, for centuries, have long been focussing on the imperfections within us. Unlike your popular belief in external materialism, we believe that true satisfaction ultimately needs to come from within. So you see, we try not to take the external world as seriously as you do, untill we see you coming to mess with it.