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Response to Krishna Chandra

by Malati dasi

Posted August 24, 2010

In a statement by Krishna Chandra Click Here, the following assertation was made:

"Just one week before Aindra das left his body in Vrindavan his long-awaited book was to have been published. I believe that the GBC had requested him not to release it, warning him that if he did so, he might have to leave ISKCON."

It is always a good idea to check facts before making any assertive statements. In this case, the statement is a conjecture. After carefully checking, I would like to present the following statement from the GBC EC member, Hrday Chaitanya das:

"Last year on Srila Prabhupada's disappearance day Aindra prabhu was interrupted in his speech because the leaders felt it was inappropriate. If I do not mistake, Gopal Krsna Maharaja stopped him or at least tried to stop him.

Soon after, during the VEB (Vrindavan Executive Board) meetings, Aindra prabhu was requested (by the VEB) not publish his book otherwise their would be some restrictions put on him.

*Please note: This request came from the VEB, not the GBC. The GBC were not in any way involved.

This year, after leaving his body the subject of the printing of Aindra prabhu's book came to the attention of the EC and the EC requested the VEB to deal with it.

The GBC-EC expressed to the VEB that they were of the opinion that if the book is published, and then it is deemed to be necessary, we'll respond to it later."

In other words. as it often does, the GBC deferred the matter to local management, deeming the matter a local issue and had no further participation.