Chakra Discussions

No Other Means

by Radha McAlpine

Posted November 4, 2004

If we are to understand Srila Prabhupada's mission, and ultimate accomplishment, we can see clearly that he was not giving us "cultural India" to follow, but Harinam Sankirtan, Lord Caitanya's mission. That which surpasses "religion" and gives a bee-line back to God by simply developing that ever-increasing taste of Love.

We are no longer in the folds of India's cultural traditions, but in the throes of Lord Caitanya's mission. Srila Prabhupada understood this, and has been able to fulfill Lord Caitanya's mission because he put the traditional guru-disciple role on the back burner, and in-turn accepted everyone as his disciples, initiating the entire world into his sampradaya. His desire and goal, in line with Lord Caitanya's mission, was to give everyone the nectar, not merely to those whom he formally initiated.

He gave us guidelines; of varnashrama-dharma, of the four regulative principles: standards with which we could raise ourselves to, access to a fountain of knowledge, and the practice of the recitation of the Lords' Holy Names. In doing so, he propounds Lord Caitanya's statement that there are no hard and fast rules; knowing it full well to be sublimely simple and attainable.

This is so because of the devastating effects that this age of Kali has on any form of purity, including religion. We can see for ourselves the effects it has, as there is currently so much confusion; speculative arguing, assumptions, an overall disharmony. If we are to avoid this then, it becomes crucial to propound and emphasize Lord Caitanya's movement as Srila Prabhupada has; with the same understanding, attitude, and mood. Realizing that only Bhakti; pure devotion, love unlimited, is the only blanket that wraps so secure and completely that there can be no other means of deliverance, no other means....