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I Could Never Place My Trust And Faith In An Abuser

by Bhaktin Adriana

Posted May 29, 2006

As someone who has been in contact with ISKCON and its members for the past seventeen years, I feel I must write this small note in the spirit of support and well-wishing for them. I have had the good fortune to attend many Sunday feasts and hear several life changing lectures at ISKCON temples in my area for almost two decades now.

I have had many delightful and relishable exchanges with various ISKCON devotees and value their association to this day. I have been the recipient of so much valuable shiksha from senior devotees and ISKCON's publications that many of my ISKCON friends wonder why I have never taken shelter of your movement, and why I am always reading the books of various "Traditional" (Nityananda Parivara/Vamsha) Vaishnava Gurus and am sure that I will find Sri Guru among their ranks.

The reason is this: Every time I read some nice Krishna Katha or Bhagavat Patha by an ISKCON Swami or Senior Grhasta, I am immediately able to find letters from devotees who were abused by them or by their Guru. This has recently happened twice in one week. This last time, I recently came across Dhanurdhara Swamiji's "Waves of Devotion" and was suitably impressed. However, upon reading the outpouring of letters from devotees hurt by him, I am saddened and wonder if I should return the book. Regardless, I know that I could never place my trust and faith in an abuser, "reformed" or not.

In addition, if one's Guru was an abuser, how can the offense to the Vaishnavas not also poison the disciple? In a spirit of service, I am offering this note to the leadership and rank and file of ISKCON. I am sure I am not a tiny minority among earnest spiritualists looking for Sri Guru.