Some Prasada for thought for the Prominent Link
by Devaki Nandana das
Posted May 10, 2003

Hare Krishna. I would just like to address a common misconception which I was reminded of when reading Dhira Govinda Prabhu's book the prominent link. Ambarisa prabhu mentioned in the book something to the extent that after 1977 the problems in ISKCON seemed worse. I don't know his exact intention, but many believe that it is due in large part to the current system of Guru's. Anyway, I've heard enough horror stories of the so called "good old days " to know that there were as many problems when Srila Prabhupada was on the planet if not more than there are today. All the rifts, abuse, tyrannical managers, fights etc. that were going on in those pre 1977 days has to be taken into consideration. In many ways the movenment is much healthier and safer than back then. I'm glad that I joined in 1990 after so much immature garbage had already been thrown out. Sure there were so many successes and amazing things that happened but generally all we hear are the good stories. It's human nature to remember the good and forget the bad. Usually there is more bad than good also in the material world. Anyway. I just wanted to address a common misconception that I see recurring and in an objective way I'd like to see some clearer thinking amongst the leaders of our society and it's critics. That was one of the goals of the Prominent Link after all. I don't have any particular side in any of the issues presented in the Prominent Link, but would appreciate it if devotees wouldn't be so naive about the so called "Good old days".

Your servant,
Devaki Nandana Dasa.