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Accepting authority is not mere "blind obedience"

by Malati dasi

Posted March 23, 2004

In Niscala prabhu's otherwise fine essay on critical thinking, "A step in the right direction", she made a blanket indictment of the GBC, claiming that the GBC expected the general population of devotees "to follow them blindly". I challenged her to provide specifics, asking simply, "Could you precisely explain where this archaic attitude is still presumed?"

Niscala dasi responds that the GBC "assume blind obedience, and indeed insist upon it, by changing what were once resolutions into laws. . . ." She amplifies her statement with metaphorical arm-waving based on old grievances, rather than current examples.

I would respectfully request Niscala dasi to clarify her statement, and to uphold it with a clear example of exactly how "the GBC insists on blind obedience." Rather than citing past events which may not necessarily reflect current realities, I would really like her to provide a current-day, real example.

As a member of the GBC for a few years, I have yet to observe this type of behavior among my colleagues. In fact, I can't imagine anyone actually choosing to accept this type of authority nowadays, in ISKCON or anywhere else. Is there, perhaps, a dinosaur lurking on the GBC?