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When Will Something Be Done?

by Nara Narayan das

Posted June 10, 2006


Many amazing and wonderful letters have been written to Chakra, exposing the sadistic torture that Dhanurdhara S inflicted on dozens and dozens of helpless young Brahmin students while he was consistently protected by the ISKCON leadership. Their parents did not know that the money that they begged on Sankirtan to pay the hundreds of dollars per month for the Gurukula tuition that they believed was being used to bring their precious children to a platform of Pure Unalloyed Love of God.

Why did the parents not know?...Because the ashram teachers tore up any letters that they tried to send home, or forced them to write, "having a lovely time, wish you were here" letters that hideously varnished over the sadistic and perverted practices that were actually going on.

So Chakra has compassionately and lovingly provided a platform, and arena to air the feelings of those who experienced torture and sadism at Dhanurdhara S bloodstained hands.

Practically everyone has had their say, and maybe, as it always turns out to be, time to turn away to something new.


Once again, the gurukulis reach out to the generation that bears my name. A glimmer of hope arises...."Maybe THIS time someone will take heed! Maybe THIS time our parent's ISKCON leaders will finally wake up and drag Dhanudhar from his comfy home and beat the living crap out of him with hard sticks, and drive him from the Holy Dham and create a standard of penance so high, that it would take him and all of his initiates the rest of his and their lifetimes to bring the Karmic accounting of his cruel misdeeds up to zero."

But far, far better than that why can't they just send out Dhanudhar on his hands and knees, with straw between his teeth, crawling across the country, seeking out his victims, and apologizing sincerely and humbly to each and every one of them? Then, at last, some healing might begin!


I have heard this all before and so have they; the ever ignored and marginalized generation that Srila Prabhupada declared could or would rise Transcendentally above all us and lead us; their parents and well wishers,by the hand to fulfill theGlorious Task of delivering the whole World using the Pure Brahmachari Principles learned at such parental sacrifice in the Gurukula..... that would become the Model for the New World.

I was present in LA, when the GBC (Trying to "apologize") brought thevictims of abuse into a shabby basement meeting hall, to present themwith unending reasons as to why they should "just let the past go."

Sincere-ish men like Tamohar prabhu and Bhadrinarayan prabhu tried their best to "make it all OK" by selling, selling, selling, to a group of forlorn and miserable customers who simply did not want to buy.

One boy stood up trembling with inexpressible grief and rage... "How can you have made Dhanurdhar a Guru after what he did?...(He looked squarely at those GBC in the room who had indeed helped bring that thing about). "I watched as Dhanurdhara smashed his fist into my classmate's head with his fist until blood was running out of his ears!" How can such a demoniac person be made an official ISKCON guru?....What is WRONG with all of you ?" Helpfully, Jayadvaita Swami stepped forward and offered a quote: "In the Gita, it says that even a person who performs abominable acts can be seen as pure"..... The room gave a collective gasp and I and my adult children stared at one another in stark disbelief! So is THIS what the apology is all about?..Just the same old, same old, weasely same old thing as before?


While our memory of him is still so clear, are we going to let this genuine chance for true accountability slip from our fingers once again? What healing remedy does this glorification of the so easily forgiven "Abominable" acts of Dhanudhar offer to ANANDA............ WHO IS STILL DEAD?

The entire free world is full of laws to put child abusers such as Dhanudhara in jail for years, and in this Nation, for fifteen years or more.

(At New Dwarka, the pre-school teacher Kurma Avatar went to jail for fifteen years.)

Had Dhanurdhar gone to prison as he so richly deserved, he would likely have been beaten to a pulp, and possibly sexually abused by enraged cellmates who had also experienced such abuse in their time, (not entirely unrelated to their present life in jail).

Was it clever, hidden approval by the ISKCON leaders that produced the lack of timely action by ISKCON that protected the criminal Dhanurdhar from serving time in jail? .....and the statute of limitations ran out; robbing the victims of their prayed for hope that God is just. Punishment rectifies the past, and prevents worse punishment at the Time of Death. Rectification makes the victim whole. And rectification has not yet come.


Who are we, as a society to "Play God" with helpless children's lives.? To pretend that the horrors of their betrayal by Dhanudhara is "OK" as long as it happened "a long time ago"? Who are we to protect and facilitate some perverted sadist who now claims to be the External Representative of God? A sacred, holy, via medium who is sole access to the Glories of the Lord's abode? Is this what Ananda and his classmates learned at Dhanudhara's "Brahminical" and "exemplary" hands? Were they given access to this sacred gift?


But Dhanurdhar sent a posting to Shakuntala (The courageous "Whistle Blower in this case) reproaching her for not "meeting with him in private" so they could "work things out".....without embarrassment to him?, or "shaking the faith of his disciples"?. What did he want?.......To make some sort of deal? A house in Mayapur? A Yacht? Some money in a numbered Swiss Account? Would everyone just forget?


But Brahmatirtha prabhu has been delegated (By whom?) to "mediate between Dhanudhara and Shakuntala"...... "MEDIATE" ? though by making the outrage go away, the anger go away, the call for justice go away, for that psychopathic torturer to walkaway, comfortable and smiling, and well pampered by his celebrity followers, living a life so personally free of any personal discomfort (what to speak of pain and torture) in(of all places!) THE HOLY DHAM?

I knew Brahmatirtha das when he was still Bob Cohen, still in the Peace Corps, in Maypur 1972, in Srila Prabhupada's wondrous bamboo house. He asked good questions and really listened to what Srila Prabhupada said....I was sitting next to him, and the only other person in the room was Shayamasundara das, who cried out, "We should print this exchange as a book, and call it 'Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers' ".

So from that exalted past in the intimate association of the Pure Devotee of the Lord, how has Brahmatirtha prabhu sunk to this?....To be a "go between" charged with the task of "making it all go away" so that Dhanudhara the torturer will get away scot-free? Is this what Srila Prabhupada taught him to be?

Did his "bosses" hire him to keep the slowly gathering outrage from building up from within the ISKCON Grass Roots?....A gathering pressure to make things whole?...., to make these students finally whole?

Are his "bosses" afraid that Dhanudhar might actually be cast out of ISKCON by an angry, fist-shaking, crowd as a shamed and de-frocked failed priest in spiritual disgrace? To actually send the man to jail where he belongs? Does Brahmatirtha prabhu REALLY want Dhanudhar to remain the hideous icon of what ISKCON turned out to be for those whose brutal beatings have never been avenged?


And smoothing fragrant lotions on the rotten corpse of the demonic double-standard and complete hypocrisy that is the only gift to the young students who were tortured and abused by Dhanudhar's hands will not change that fact in any way.

Prabhus, it is time to act. The Catholics have revolted....why not we?


Respectfully submitted,
Nara Narayan das