Chakra Discussions

Honest discussions

by Caitanya-candrodaya das

Posted June 10, 2004

It is nice to hear so much support and appreciation for Satsvarupa Maharaja honesty, openness and transparency from a whole section of devotees.

I would however point out that even with best intentions such discussions could be quite disturbing for both his disciples and Maharaja himself. He has a medical condition of debilitating migraines caused by anticipated anxiety and reading all the comments even favorable just adds stress! Some communications posted were for his disciples. In this way they are private. So if letter say 'dear disciples' you really should not post it -- just out of respect for very intimate relationships he has with his disciples and his example of honesty, not often found in the history of Vaisnavism or among contemporaries.

Your servant,
Caitanya candrodaya das

[Editor's note: The letter from Satsvarupa Goswami and the GBC EC statements were forwarded to Chakra from "SDG's Communications Management Team" for posting in order to reach "Temple Leaders, Disciples, and Friends of His Holiness Satsvarupa das Goswami".]