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Dhanurdhara Swami Must Step Down Now

by Pavan Kumar das

Posted June 9, 2006

I think it is clear, with the ongoing revelations concerning Dhanurdhara Swami, that he must step down immediately. It is an untenable situation where abusers are still in positions of influence within Srila Prabhupada's movement. Does he have no remorse for what he has done?. Actions speak louder than words. By stepping down he will be sending out a genuine signal of remorse. It is astonishing that he still holds the position of a Guru. Even in the 'demoncrazy' world of politics an individual in public life would have had the common decency to relinquish their position of influence in these circumstances.

I also believe that now is the time for the GBC to begin genuine dialogue with all of the devotees of ISKCON on these matters. They have an opportunity to demonstrate a clear signal of commitment to the welfare of the vaisnava's by taking away the positions of power from the known abusers within ISKCON. Only then can there be the development of a culture of genuine welfare, and protection of the children and the devotees.