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Leaders Still Hidden Among the Ranks

by Garuda das jr. (2nd generation)

Posted June 7, 2006

How do child abusers become elevated to swami and guru status in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON? In Native American lore there's a telling that is for our time. It specifically mentions the qualities needed in the re-establishment of good leaders after so much decay. It says: "The leaders of the people would be chosen in the old way -- by those whose actions spoke the loudest, who demonstrated their love, wisdom, and courage and who showed that they could and did work for the good of all would be chosen as the leaders or Chiefs."

"They would be chosen by their "quality" and not the by their connections, wealth and power. Like the thoughtful and devoted "Ancient Chiefs", they would understand the people with love, and see that their young were educated with the love and wisdom of their surroundings."**

And it says of the people under them: "The poor, sick and needy would be cared for by their brothers and sisters of the Earth. These practices would again become a part of their daily lives, they would show them that miracles can be accomplished to heal this world of its ills, and restore it to health and beauty. Their tasks are many and great."

Since so many articles are coming forth about Anands's passing, I am seeing the frustration of devotees who wonder why Danudar swami is at a "high" post such as swami and guru. I used to pride myself with ISKCON, and would still like to, thinking that at least, even though a "stiff collared" bunch, at least our leaders are concerned about keeping "their noses" clean. But the gradual decline in my faith is that I can only pride myself in that I'm trying to follow Srila Prabhupada's spirit (and hope this doesn't become confused with wanting to go to any other "camp"). This is where many noble and qualified warriors of Krishna have been caused to reside, and as the movement thins out of its western blood, its ability to affect westerners to join also wanes. **

Last year at this time, (I confess) I did a silent survey at the festival of inspiration. To my personal satisfaction, of the devotees questioned liked the idea of (once I explained what it was) a "Supersoul election", over the current "appointing" process of GBCs and gurus by our GBC/gurus. After getting up the nerve, I approached Jayapataka Swami and tried (and given very little room) to explain in simpler terms my proposal to elect GBC and gurus by the Supersoul process (not just a mundane election), and his immediate, unwavering answer was that by allowing the GBC to chose who is a Guru, swami and GBC, it would remain pure. Still this subject remains an imbalanced, unsolved and crippling problem for the movement.

I ask now if devotees will again read the idea for Supersoul elections for the sake of kindly helping to develop it? Click Here. I do not feel this is for my glory, but for a future we can be proud of and to be able to serve devotees we can all stand behind (and equally take the blame for if they do fall). In the end, it is only a small but profoundly subtle adjustment. No-one should feel intimidated, unless they know they are wrong and also wrongly attached to their position. Please read any of my articles to see if I'm sane. My whole life has been to kindly stand up for the "underdog," for that has been my lot in life.

Due to the current lack of "saving the world" by our leaders, and after seeing so many good potential devotee/leaders put "on ice" and not given more capacity beyond their little grihastha, or local situation, compassion to help the world motivates me to ask others to read this Supersoul Election process and help a poor devotee strive for the ultimate satisfaction of all devotees. Not just gurus and GBC's can be verified or replaced by the Supersoul in our hearts, but the TP's, TC's and anyone who is in a position "over" devotees should be able to be reviewed by an effective and comprehensive process. This process may find most things are satisfactory and not agitate much at all, but it will give the Lord in the Heart of the devotees a voice to fix most all problems that ail OUR movement. The Supersoul proposal is not perfect, it has a nice start though and I hope intelligent devotees who see the heart of what its saying will work with me to bring it to perfection, and stand together to help put it before the GBC. If you only wish to keep informed and possibly support it, I'm sure numbers are needed, so please write and lets start a group to inoffensively work on this issue.

Imagine a movement where everyone who is in a position of power, is truly accepted and known as the best "servant of the servant" of all, and is there for only the noblest of reasons. That is a movement we can be proud of as an offering to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for hearing this article. Please e-mail: to support and help work on developing this proposal for the GBC.