Chakra Discussions

Media Management And Lack of Contrition

by Japa Yajna Dasa

Posted June 2, 2006

I agree with Dhanudhara Swami that it would have been better if Sakuntala Devi Dasi had written to him directly. I believe that is the correct etiquette according to Nectar of Instruction.

But then perhaps this point also applies to HH DS. He should have answered any accusations by himself sending a private letter.

You see to me, Maharaj's letter struck as an exercise in media management and an attempt to put positive spin on an otherwise appalling general impression of his situation. Understandable in his position, however, not to most perfect example of contrition I have seen.

On the point of privacy. Why not publish HHDS address and e-mail address so we can all let him know exactly what we all feel. If he spends the next few months reading this stuff and answering everyone individually this may help in the process of contrition, probably more appropriate than writing books. It will also do something to stop us all conducting this debate in public.

In fact on that note maybe my letter is inappropriate, because I am not writing directing to everyone ... so could everyone please feel free to disregard it.