Chakra Discussions


by Dvibhuja das

Posted December 31, 2003

While reading the discussion about Super Guru and how the Guru guides the disciple, I began to reflect some on how Srila Prabhupada guided so many devotees and in fact continues to do so today. After all there are still many of His disciples who require his love and guidance. I know I do. So how is it possible since he is physically gone.

In trying to understand how the Guru could possibly know the heart of the disciple it became apparent that the relationship of the Guru with supersoul is at the heart of the matter. The Guru is the external manifestation of the Supersoul. Therefore it is actually a fact that the Guru recieves instructions from within how to guide his disciples. Otherwise how can we acct for the many times where Srila Prabhupada would satisfy the needs of his disciples simply by our prayers to him. He once said if you love me I am in yoiur heart, therefore the fact is that our spiritual master can hear our prayers and in collusion with Krsna then manifests our needs. It is a deeply spiritual subject matter and one that transcends the laws of material nature such as time and space. It happens on the transcendental plane and therefore sometimes external examination will leave one befuddled how Krishna works through the Guru. However, I am sure there are much better qualified devotees than I to discuss this very wonderful subject and it would be nice to have enlightenment in this regard.

Your servant,
Dvibhuja das