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Don't count gain or loss in serving gurudeva

by Rasi Priya dasi
(Bali, Indonesia)

Posted December 31, 2003

The relationship between disciples and their guru is not a material relationship; it is a spiritual one.

Once we think that the guru and his or her disciple are in a material relationship we start to think like a business person, and the relationship becomes just like profit and loss in a business world. So sad if every time we have to count how much we have already sacrificed or how much money (daksina) we already donated; guru is our spiritual father or mother. Even in this material world we are not supposed to count how much we have already given to our material parent, what to speak of our spiritual parent, who is above this material world.

This is not just a spiritual sentiment; we have to train ourselves to come to the platform that we can see our guru as a representative of Lord Krishna whom we can serve and respect as much as the Lord Himself.

I am not a perfect disciple to my guru maharaja, yet still trying very hard to be one. I want to experience the feeling the pure devotee has to his or her guru maharaja. From my observation, all pure devotees have a very good relationship to their guru and they respect their guru maharaja very much. They cannot be pure devotees if they neglect their guru maharaja, nor gain success on the path of their spiritual journey.

I beg apology of Subhadra Mayi dasi prabhu if I have made offence; we are after all just servants of the servant of the servant of our beloved Lord Krishna. In this long journey back home to Him, only one person can guide us to the goal of this spiritual journey -- our guru maharaja.