Chakra Discussions

Is your guru maharaja a superperson?

by Alice Ahola

Posted December 23, 2003

How do we think about the guru? Of course, the guru can enlighten others about Krishna consciousness, being empowered by Sri Krishna to fullfill his or her guru maharaja's mission.

Sometimes, however, we do not pay enough attention to what else he or she has to do. When we approach, or write to, our guru with our multiple problems and ideas, are we aware of the fact that our guru has to chant rounds, say gayatri, read, write, concentrate on the mission, take care of his or her health, maybe keep up contacts with family and friends, travel, take showers three times a day, go to meetings, eat, sleep, etc.?

I don't say that there are no gurus who can be approached all the time, but they are rare. A guru with disciples has to take care of them, of course, but only to the degree related to the disciples' spiritual life. Sometimes we get a little sentimental about this and, of course, we can tell our problems to the guru, but can we not turn to any other devotees with our intimate problems and trust them as well? There are other people who can help us and enlighten us.

There are also innumerable Krishna conscious web pages to use and, if we read and chant more, we can make contact with Krishna, who will lead us to serious contacts to solve our problems.