Chakra Discussions

Whose Mission?

by Premanidhi das

Posted December 11, 2004

Dandavats. I would like to say something about a subject that appears time after time. We have seen many good but also unfortunate activities of devotees in the name of ISKCON, or other Gaudiya Vaishnava groups etc. Through those activities the names of great Acharyas and/or missions were affected. I think it should be normal for everyone to be responsible for their own deeds, both as an Acharya and a devotee. But if we use the previous spiritual master as a front man, we don't act honestly. If we had been responsible for our own actions, the image for an example of ISKCON hadn't been affected in such a negative way.

I think, it is important to be honest. After the disappearance of a great Acharya, his disciple and/or his successor should be completely responsible for his own deeds. Of course one may think to follow one's master perfectly, but everyone knows, that even during his presence it wasn't always possible. How is it then possible to think that one can do everything perfectly at the time of his external absence? If everything is done on behalf of him, the same high demands arise, which are obviously difficult to fulfil, because each Acharya and devotee has his own nature and realization. After the disappearance of the Acharya a new period starts, because naturally the new leader will add his own way and character to the mission.

Also in this world so many people refer that they only act on behalf of their chief, in that way they claim that they are not responsible for their doings. But that is an illusion.

Srila Sridhar Maharaj once said: So one who thinks that he's in perfection, perfect stage, because he's appointed as acharya, then he's in the highest position, his position is invulnerable, undisputable, unassailable, if they think like that they're gone, finished.

Your servant,
Premanidhi das