by Bhaktin Christi
Posted December 8, 2002

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am disappointed at best. After seeing how one devotee and the editor of (the previous edition) of CHAKRA was chastised for insulting women by saying that women should not have jobs or could not be good devotees and simultaneously work... I load the page to see that instead of one devotee insulting another, now we have devotees insulting the GBC.

Perhaps more thought on vaisnava-aparadha would be in order. Maybe a bit more straw in the teeth. I am not sure; but for myself, if I am going to criticise someone, even constructively, before I do so, I have to feel that I am more knowledgeable about a given topic than the person or persons I am criticising. In the event that the person is my superior; my boss, my mother, etc., I would be very careful in how I phrased things and probably would think twice about saying anything. At any rate I would not be making accusations of deception and so forth to people who I consider my superiors, and trying to educate them on something as if I knew better than they did. Possibly what I ought to be asking is: does the writer consider the GBC to be her superiors? Even if she does not, the rule of not offending another Vaisnava should still apply. From where I come from, calling someone deceitful, even if you say it with a smile, is still offensive.

I am neither a blind follower nor a sheep. I am, however, respectful of authority, and would not dream of insulting a person or people in a position in authority, calling them erroneous and deceitful and so forth. I think I would be considering the awful reactions that surely come from offending another Vaisnava, and be mindful to keep a respectful and non-insulting tone in anything that I had to say. I think my mom used to call this "common courtesy".

I am disappointed at best at the turn CHAKRA has taken. I wish you well but I will not be returning. I had no idea it was going to go in this direction. It seems to be a shame.

Your servant Bhn Christi