Chakra Discussions

Vaisnava Culture

by Bhakta Mario

Posted August 1, 2006

A critical analysis of true Vaisnava etiquette, shows that inflammatory statements, based on misinformation or lack of information, and trying to ridicule others and the like, are practices outside the actual gentle and authoritative ways of discussion in Vaisnava culture.

In Vaisnava culture, discussion must be gentle and authoritative based on guru sadhu and sastra. The exponent must be motivated by desire to please guru sadhus and Krishna. The exposition should not be in the mood to defeat and or bring down anyone, but to uplift all that are hearing or reading the discussion. This is what is meant when in Vaisnavism it is understood that., "devotees delight in addressing controversial topics, for doing so enlightens their minds and brings their hearts closer to Krishna."

The idea that a particular philosophy is bogus without showing concrete evidence, is not the system. One must present authoritative evidence. It is not that one can be like a dictator with no authority. Even in karmi courts, it is not that an attorney can say to a judge., "Your honor, this man is guilty", and expect the judge to accept and give sentence when no authoritative evidence based on the law and codes has been presented. So the mood with no authoritative evidence is outside the Vaisnava culture, and it helps to feed prone to violence fanatics that are so prominent everywhere and even in ISKCON and around ISKCON, who may end up acting in a grossly violent way as we have seen in the past in our movement.

What triggered me to write this article, are the inflammatory statements found in the article by Ananda prabhu regarding the treatise written by Kailasa Chandra prabhu. In the article Ananda writes things such as., Ritvik is pseudo-Christianity. Ritvik is poisonous soup. Ritvik is initiation by imagination, etc. I have also seen by others, ritvik categorized as., "nonsense", "deviant", "non Vedic", "dangerous", etc. The thing is that to date, no evidence has been shown from guru sadhu and shastra to support these statements, so in this way these statements turns out only to be inflammatory nutritious food for the prone to violence fanatics among us, who may continue to give the Caitanyas movement the ill reputation of a violent destructive cult.

The real facts are that ritvik is is an eternal Vedic principle. It is in the Srimad Bhagavatam. It means ritualistic priest. But not only this, ritvik was described by Srila Prabhupada in the conversation of May 28th 1977, as the method to be used to assist with initiations for AFTER Srila Prabhupada would be no lonegr with us. Ritvik is also and again found in the transcendental legal document dated July 9th 1977 signed by Srila Prabhupada. This document has been honored by the Supreme court of India and a court in USA, to protect ISKCON temples that follow the ritvik system of initiations as directed by Srila Prabhupada. It should be noted that these temples have a very good record of distribution of the original book of Srila Prabhupada, distribution of Prasada, and also of temple building.

So I must gently and humbly ask of Ananda das prabhu and all trying to practice Vaisnavism, to try hard to not make inflammatory statements with no concrete authoritative evidence based on guru sadhu and shastra as proof as it should be. Inflammation statements with no authority feed hot headed prone to violence fanatics, and that is the last thing that Vaisnavism is about. Thanks for your attention.