Chakra Discussions

My Mistake

by Niscala d.d.

Posted September 11, 2003

Dear Rama Kesava,

You wrote:

you attribute Brahma prabhu as saying "A female guru would have to possess a demeanor that would conflict with the natural feminine qualities that are so attractive in a Vaisnavi and that task would be greatly demanding." For the record, I would like to point out that this was actually the position that Brahma himself was rebutting

I did not see in his article a rebuttal of this position, but an address to the question actually poised. Thereafter some very interesting other points were made, such as accomodating different points of view, including cultural biases, without compromising the essence of the philosophy and at the same time not being swayed by those cultural biases ( because they were shown by great personalities, for example) and rationalizing them as essential and something we should all accept for all time. If there is nothing in the philosophy which indicates that gender affects one's ability to act as a guru, then even if a zillion predececessors never had female succesors, we should be unaffected, for tradition should never cloud essence.

I wanted to answer the question another way, that feminine qualities are perfectly compatible with those necessary for the task of being guru, because guru does not mean being a controller. I was using the question made to Brahma as a springboard into that discussion. I made the mistake in thinking that he wrote it and I am sorry for this mistake, and I hope that he will overlook this discrepancy.

Your servant Niscala