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Columbus ashram welcomes devotee women

by Garuda das

Posted October 19, 2003

"Columbus Krishna House", an ashram for women in Columbus, Ohio, invites women -- whether new to devotional service, partially trained or experienced -- to develop their Krishna consciousness while serving Their Lordships Sri- Sri Radha-Natabara in the company of other women devotees. Guided by longtime devotee Malati dasi, the project envisions learning by doing, with the goal of training women for leadership roles in ISKCON.

The women's ashram in Columbus has been one of the most active ashrams for training qualified devotees to go "back home, back to Godhead"; it is an empowered, ecstatic and positive experience for any fortunate soul who participates.

Several ashram alumni now live in the neighborhood and city surrounding the temple. Many of my friends have trained there; the experience is so serious, sweet and transcendental that they opted to stay for years. Even my skeptical little sister went for a trial visit, then stayed for three years.

Please inquire by emailing the temple president: or see their web site: