Chakra Discussions


by Gopi devi dasi

Posted November 30, 2008

We see that sexism is still very much a part of ISKCON. The GBC was finally going to do something this year to stop sexist devotees from misusing Prabhupada's statements, but unfortunately, the BBT, as well as a large number of devotees, rejected their 311 Resolution, proving that sexism is still very much a part of ISKCON. This sexist attitude has been propagated by devotees who claim to represent Srila Prabhupada, but are actually just pushing their own prejudices onto others. We are left feeling like we have no place due to the woman-hating in ISKCON. This is supposed to be an all-encompassing and inclusive movement, but we feel like we are being excluded. Why is this? Due to such people's prejudices, we are being banned and pushed to the back of the temple. Why only one woman on the GBC, and the rest are men? Sexism, and nothing else. Nothing spiritual about it. I just wish they would stop trying to justify their own prejudices and sexism as "spiritual". One day, perhaps things will change in ISKCON, but until then, we will remain as the muffled cries of ISKCON's oppressed women.