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A Letter of Resignation

by Bhavasindhi dd

Posted November 23, 2008

I read Bhaktin Eva's letter (Click Here) with a heavy heart. It is so sad to see sincere people being turned away from Krishna consciousness due to this nonsense sexism. wrote a harsh refutation of the 2000 Women's issue in ISKCON, I did not read the whole thing. It expanded women's rights in ISKCON, and it was passed by the GBC.

Gender discrimination and hateful words have no place in a supposedly spiritual movement like ISKCON. What will happen to ISKCON when this continued abuse against women hits the international media? Can we even imagine the worldwide reaction? The already normalized standard of treatment of women in ISKCON makes it so hard to preach to people, especially the educated class of men and women, who perceive such treatment to be very unjust. "Just go cook and clean, and stay in your home, like a slave". This is what we are preaching to the world! I do not know how I can continue to preach to the educated class if I remain identified as a member of ISKCON. Because, as soon as I say the word "ISKCON", they will immediately reject me, and I won't be able to preach to them.

Bhaktin Eva, I also feel no other choice but to follow your example, especially if I want to continue to preach to these nice young college men and women, who would make very good devotees if we could just convince them of our philosophy, as well as if we ourselves, the devotees, could do a much better job of learning how to treat people properly. With that, I hereby submit my resignation to ISKCON.

your fellow servant,
bhavasindhi dd