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A Textbook Example of Misogyny

by Radhikacandra devi dasi

Posted May 30, 2008

I recently saw and read some of the Hare Krishna Diary website, and was very disturbed by what I read. The author was angrily criticizing so many things. What especially struck me was his blatant misogyny. He was angrily demanding that women should conform to old-fashioned ideas of being like a slave. What if I don't want to just cook and clean for some man, becoming his slave? What if I don't want to be used as a baby-producing machine by some man? This was repulsive to me.

It is very disturbing that there are still people like this in ISKCON. Times have changed, people are not the same as they used to be in the past. If we go around angrily shouting that everyone else should conform to our standards, our preaching will be destroyed. People nowadays are not willing to give up everything and instantly change. We should be tolerant and forgiving, always seeing the good in them, rather than offending them.

If this kind of angry woman-hating, the kind found on the Hare Krishna Diary website, continues to go on, it will very much make it difficult to preach effectively in the modern age. It's people like this who are trying to turn the clocks back and send us all back to the stone age. We've made so much progress, why should we let some angry man demand that we become primitive again?

To attract the modern men and women to our movement, we need to be willing to adjust. Isn't that what Prabhupada meant by time, place, circumstance? If we just ram our philosophy down people's throats, no one will join our temples.

I also noticed that the author of the Hare Krishna Diary made many offensive statements against gays and lesbians. Only such insecure people would say such things against things that they cannot accept in themselves. If the author of that website went to a good psychoanalyst, he could make a lot of progress in giving up his hateful attitudes.