Chakra Discussions

From the Sidelines

by Theist

Posted June 5, 2008

Just a quick thought from the sidelines on this continuing contentious subject that becomes prominent in devotee circles every couple of years or so. I have always thought it strange that today's devotee men have the audacity to demand that devotee women be made to live according to some vedic ideal of what a woman should be, when they themselves are usually anything but the shining example of vedic manhood.

Brothers, have you ever considered that you are not worthy of the respect and devotion that you demand from your mates? Perhaps if you all concentrated more on becoming a true devotee man, giving all protection to your wives and children while guiding and supporting them in their development of Krishna consciousness, then you would gain their respect naturally.

Men are supposed to be the leaders in society by example. So before we ask the question, "Where are all the vedic women?", we must ask "Where are all the vedic men?".

Until then please stop disturbing your sisters as they try to develop their Krishna consciousness.